Posted by: ajsssummer | August 8, 2012

Everything up to date in Louisville

Week number 2 has just finished and we can”t believe it! Due to the excessive rain we had to cancel our outdoor camping trip.  But have no fear, our amazing counselors were here! They quickly arranged an alternative camping trip indoors. Like a camping trip, we were surrounded by nature but we were able to sleep indoors. The weekend included cooking our dinner around the campfire and singing. We went on 2 hikes, one of which led us to a beautiful view from a natural stone bridge. We also got to walk around Lexington before going to the Kentucky Horse Park. We ended off the weekend with a nice surprise trip to the movies. And then it was back to work! On Monday, we split up – half of us with the kids from St. Vincent de Paul and the other half went to the Episcopal Church Home. That night we went to the epic Bats vs. Mudhens game. On Tuesday, the same routine occurred with some of us going to St. Vincent de Paul and the rest of us helping out at YouthBuild. At YouthBuild we helped make a patio for the outdoor classroom. Our day ended off with a trip to the laundromat and a meeting with Rabbi Rapport over some Graeter’s ice cream. YUM. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds.


Miriam and Daphne


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