Posted by: ajsssummer | August 6, 2012

Our time in Louisville

Our time in Louisville so far has been great. Today marks our first full week of time together and we are all really starting to feel like a family (in fact, everyone is cleaning our “home” together right now while singing and dancing to music.) The first few days were spent doing ice breakers and we also went to a concert in the park.
For our first day of work, we woke up at 7:15 and went to YouthBuild where we helped lay bricks for a patio. We also got a tour of their huge garden and got to try fruits and vegetables along the way. Some were even brave enough to carry the chickens. It was very hot outside, but because of our teamwork we were able to really see the patio really come together. That night, we got free sweet tea at a local restaurant and were starting to feel immersed in the local culture. The second day, we went to EDGE (Water Step.) We were glad to spend our day in the air conditioning, taking apart cubicles before having the parts transported to the non-profits’ new building. We had a Shabbat dinner that night and our own Shabbat service. We went to services at the synagogue the next morning.
Although the first few days of work were great, this week has been just as fun. We went to paint the bathrooms at the park and cover up graffiti, assisted low-income children at a summer camp, and visited the elderly where we helped set up for their yard sale and helped the seniors play bingo. Some even went back to YouthBuild this week to continue putting together the patio alongside Iraqi teenagers. What was really an incredible experience was going bowling just a couple of hours ago with a group of Iraqi high school students who are visiting the US through the State Department on a cultural tour. It was amazing to talk to individuals from a country so different from our own and come to realize that we shared far more similarities than differences.
We are excited to visit the senior citizens again tomorrow and can’t wait to see all that Louisville has to offer in the weeks to come.
Shaina Spector



  1. Wonderful report! You are clearly experiencing the many dimensions of a great AJSS experience! Keep up the great work, and be good to one another! The Board and I are all so proud that you are representing AJSS so well.
    Larry Green (AJSS Participant 1968; Staff Member 1972-1973)
    AJSS Board Chair

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