Posted by: ajsssummer | July 23, 2012

Kansas City heads down to Joplin

Hello everybody.  Since the last blog post we haven’t stopped moving.  On Thursday, we went to the Brown vs. Board of Education museum.  Brown vs. Board of Education was a Supreme Court case that ended the practice of segregation of schools.  Following the museum, we went to the state capital building which was so much fun.  We got to see the Senate Chambers, the State Supreme Court house,and the artifacts located in it.  I became one of the few people that have danced in a capital court house.  A few hours later we went to Lawrence KS, to eat lunch and we had a few minutes to walk around.  Lawrence is a college town, so there were many fun things too look at.

Friday afternoon, we had to start packing for our camping trip.  We were camping all weekend so we celebrated Shabbat.  Even though there isnt that much to do on Shabbat, we still had a great time and spend a lot of time together.  When Shabbat was finally over, we all stood around in a circle, and sang the Havdallah prayer and I held a candle that started melting on my hand so my had was covered in hot wax.  It didn’t hurt as bad as it looked.  When this camping trip was over, we started our trip to Joplin, Mo.  Once we arrived, we ate at an awesome pancake house.  The food was great even though i didn’t eat that much.  Then we drove to the church that we have been staying at last night and tonight.  Today, we worked in a field collecting big rocks and taking out weeds so the workers can start to pour foundations to start building the houses.  We are all having a great time.  I am looking forward to continuing our work in Joplin.  I promise all of you that we are going to get the job done.  I’m glad I had this opportunity to post the blog this week. I hope that all you parents at home are having a great summer, and we miss you all.

Daniel Bleecher



  1. Daniel,
    Wonderful report! And I have been so very pleased to receive the other reports from the KC group. I had wonderful visits to our Louisville and Birmingham groups last week. I am so sorry that my schedule did not permit me to get to KC, too, to meet all of you and to see all the great work you are doing.
    The Board members and I are so very grateful to all of you for your service as part of AJSS 2012, and we wish you all the best for the final two weeks. Keep up the great work!
    Larry Green
    AJSS Board Chair

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