Posted by: ajsssummer | July 6, 2012

Update from KCK

After traveling to the retreat center, we had a nice dinner after a quick service. Then we headed down to the lake for a meditation session led by Jesse, which was very relaxing. Afterwards, we split into groups of three and got to know each other a little better. We then stayed up and hung out (some of us until 1 am) then went to bed. We then woke up late on Saturday: 10:30! We then had a morning service followed by a relaxing few hours to ourselves, when most of us took advantage of the pool and lake. Afterwards we had lunch followed by some more swimming and boating. At 4:00, we split up to do yoga, canoe or just relax. Dani even saved a baby dear stuck in the mud! Later on most of us went on a hike through the woods, until we lost the trail and had to go back. When we returned, we were just in time for dinner: pasta making competition! After making our delicious pasta, we got ready for a camp fire and smores. At the campfire, we continued with another service and made our smores. After a fun night of singing and eating we went to bed ready for the day ahead. Sunday morning we got up around 8:00 and got ready for an adventure to an evangelical church. After breakfast we headed out and arrived at the colossal church. We then experienced an interesting service followed by lunch with our Christian friends who answered a few questions about Christianity. We then headed back to Ohev Sholom and got ready for the JCC, Walmart, dinner and laundry. After showering and buying a few necessities (and some non-necessities) we went to dinner in Kansas City, where we also got to call our parents and friends! Although it was nice catching up with home, we had to go and so we went to the laundromat, almost getting locked out, and formed our committees: Food, “How We Jew”, Community Chest, and Education. After planning out our week on the committees and getting back our clean laundry, we went home and went to sleep. Monday morning brought a new service adventure at the Ensor Museum which needed some painting! At the site we got right to business and began painting, getting a little dirty while we repainted the buildings and learned some history as well! Apparently, it was the house of an amazing inventor who won a national wood shop prize at age 15 and who operated a ham radio during WWII. By the end of the day, we had 2.5 buildings with a fresh coat of paint! After work we headed to the JCC for a nice shower to get all that paint out of our skin/hair and then returned for dinner. After dinner, we had an awesome guest speaker, Marvin who described his experience as a Jew in the armed forces during the Korean War. Afterwards we broke out for some free time and mail and got ready for the rest of the week of service ahead.

Jared Soffer


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