Posted by: ajsssummer | July 1, 2012

Hello from Kansas City

Now that we have all arrived and settled in Kansas City I can most definitely speak for all of us and say this is an experience unlike any other. As soon as we arrived at the airports our amazing staff, Mara, Shifra, Dani, and Dan were there to welcome us with open arms. Of course one of the first things we had to do was give up our phones (which surprisingly wasn’t too bad) but afterwards we were able to spend a bit of time in the car with other volunteers. I can honestly say, this group of people are the kindest, most genuine, honest, sweet, welcoming and friendly kids i think i have ever met. There was an immediate connection between all of the girls along with the guys. Speaking from my point of view, I’ve never felt so comfortable so quickly, and even though I might be an outgoing loud girl, the girls and other volunteers accepted me right away. The chemistry between all of us is insanely amazing and we all agree that we are by far the luckiest people to have a group this amazing.


So now onto what we have been doing for the past two days! We started volunteering at the Habitat For Humanity Restore. Basically people donate their old appliances, furniture, hardware, and other housewares to the store which picks it up for free and then the Restore resells it for a lower cost and donates that money to Habitat for Humanity. So it’s almost like a cycle which in the end goes to building houses for underprivileged families. We were welcomed into the store with open arms and had a hard days work with a lunch break as well. It was such a weird, rewarding, grateful feeling as we all came back to the Temple and sat down to realize that we really helped somebody, somewhere in the world potentially have a future home. Luckily, our work wasn’t finished and we were able to go back to the Restore today and help out once again the next day. We hung posters, rearranged the store, threw out scrap, sweating and smelly we got it done. I know everyone must be wondering about showers! :) Luckily, we get to go to a beautiful JCC and shower in there are NICE …. it is wonderful! There’s a  gym and a pool and lots more! Well anyway, we all have lots of responsibility which is kind of nice. it makes you feel important in some ways, and like you contributed to something. I know personally this is a lot more then I do at home and at the end of the day i feel accomplished. Well, now we are off to a retreat for the weekend and we are all extremely excited! Apparently, there’s a lake and cabins and more bonding time for the rest of us :) We all say love you to the parents, grandparents, an family members! and i think i can speak for all of us by saying this is an experience of a lifetime and our time has just begun! We really cant wait for the rest of the summer :)

Erica Rovner




  1. As Erica’s mother I am thrilled to hear you are all having a wonderful and rewarding experience! I could not be happier for all of you. I am sure I am speaking for all the parents, we are so happy to finally hear from you guys! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! Miss you and love u!

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