Posted by: ajsssummer | July 1, 2012

Ben’s Bodacious Birmingham Blog:

There is so many great moments already, that it is hard to just focus on one of them!!…but I’ll try! Yesterday, when the men got to our room, there was continuous offers to help blow up a mattress, or unpack a bag. We did a man-to-man bonding session, in which we talked about home, friends, school, and life in general. Whenever we started a new conversation topic, two people would speak at the same time. They would stop talking, and insist that the other person speaks first. This would sometimes go back and forth a couple of times until one of us just gave in and started to speak. (It actually got to the point where I had to say to Noah and Matt “You guys are so nice now can one of you please speak”) That tells me that these kids are not just great people, but they are everything that a family should be: kind, considerate, trustworthy, someone to talk to… etc. I know it has only been a day, but I feel like I’ve known everyone a lifetime already. My parents are in New York……..but my family is in Birmingham, Alabama.


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