Posted by: ajsssummer | June 20, 2012

Following in Footsteps

Check out the experiences a NJ mother had on AJSS, and what her son is looking forward to this summer
“I went to Marty, South Dakota and worked with the Yankton Sioux Indian tribe in 1986.  It was an amazing time and had always hoped for the opportunity to provide my children with a similar experience!  We dug ditches, mowed lawns, painted houses, attended pow-wows an even went into a sweat lodge! Boy, was that hot!  We cooked our dinners and shared chores and made wonderful memories”
“This summer, I would like to see new places.  I also am looking forward to meeting and helping others.  Other things I wish to do would be to share experiences with fellow campers with whom I can learn from.  I have never been to Kentucky before, and am very excited to go.  The reason I am going is because my mom signed up for this program when she was my age, and I would like to have the same experiences that she had.  I am so excited to have these  adventures!”
Michele & Elijah

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