Posted by: ajsssummer | July 29, 2011

Louisville in Nashville

The road trip has begun and we have spent Shabbat in Nashville.  We arrived Thursday afternoon. The synagogue we are staying at is very nice and they love having us here. We met Jess’s aunt for dinner and she sponsored a pizza dinner.

Friday w e went to two different places that perform a service to society. One of them we will be ordering our tee shirts from when the  sad day comes for that to be necessary. We then went to downtown Nashville for free time. It was a great experience walking all around the block.  We then went to Shabbat services, which were very nice.

Saturday. We went to services and then to Vanderbilt. We went to the chabad house and had a great time. Then Nate took a few of us on a tour because that is where he went to college. It was a great tour and we learned the real facts.

Tomorrow we head to Birmingham. Looking forward to another fantastic week. As AJSS starts to close we can look back and say we have formed incredible friendships.

Shoshi and AJSS 2007


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