Posted by: ajsssummer | July 21, 2011

Louisville’s Weekend in Springfield


Friday everyone worked a half day. Some people went to youth build while others worked at habitat. David and Shoshi found themselves on the scaffolding next to youth build. The two of us got to put mortar on bricks and move mortar. It was definitely a new experience for the both of us.  It felt very satisfying to know that we helped build a building. Zoe, Natasha and Spencer swept the building and hung out with the youth build students. The other people went to habitat and destroyed a ceiling.

After a long five hour ride we arrived to Springfield. This time meeting them was not awkward at all and we just jumped into conversation. We also caught each other up on the different work projects we have been doing.

Saturday morning was well spent in services. Shoshi represented Louisville well by reading Torah.  The service was conservative. After services we joined the congregation for kiddish.  Lenny was very social with the congregants and represented us very well. Then we had a nice family meeting in which we strengthened the bonds between the Louisville group. Then some of us went to the central park of Springfield. After that we had an incredible macaroni and cheese dinner. The best part of Saturday was the night activity which was HARRY POTTER!!! Though many people believe that the movie didn’t do the book justice, it was definitely an emotional experience for some seeing the last Harry Potter.

Sunday (aka today). We went to the united methodist church in the morning. It was a totally different experience then shul. We then went to the Lincoln museum. Everyone had a great time. Izzy was teased that the civl war started in South Carolina, where she currently resides. Then we had to say  goodbye to our Springfield friends.  We look forward to meeting them in Memphis in two weeks.

Today marks the halfway point to the summer. It is very hard to believe that it has been only three weeks and that there is only three left. This week we look forward to the start of our road trip and more work with the three organization we work with.

Shoshi and David


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