Posted by: ajsssummer | July 13, 2011

Grease lightning in Louisville

Monday we went to work at Volunteers for America and painted a fence. Some of us went to YouthBuild to tutor kids. After lunch, we split up into groups. Some of us went to EDGE Outreach, a water-treatment plant, and others went to the Boys and Girls Club, a full day care for kids of all ages whose parents are working, and the third group stayed at YouthBuild. Those who worked at EDGE, did inventory and organized storage units.  The other kids who worked at the Boys and Girls Club spent some time with the kids but worked hard to beautify the garden and fence area. At YouthBuild, kids continued tutoring and inventoried a donation of diapers. After the hard work in the hot sun, we all spent a fun and relaxing hour at the JCC. The lasagna for dinner rejuvenated us for our special night watching Grease! We went to an outdoor movie facility and watched this classic movie. If any of you were there you would have spotted the AJSS kids from a mile away because we were the ones who were singing along and even dancing along with the music. In the final scene of the movie, the whole group got out of their seats and with much enthusiasm, danced like maniacs.

On Tuesday, we started out first day at Habitat for Humanity! Twelve kids went to the demolition site and the other four volunteered at YouthBuild, where they continued tutoring and did research for the new gardening system. At Habitat for Humanity, the kids took off the carpet and tore down the walls of a home. We went to the JCC and were able to watch a harsh storm from the cozy couches of the JCC.  We especially enjoyed running out to the cars in the pouring rain. We then got home and had a choice of evening activity: going to a comedy club or staying at the Temple and watching The Next Three Days.





  1. You all are amazing! It’s fantastic to hear about the work that you are doing to help the Louisville community. Keep up the good work, keep blogging and please post more photos(It great to see you at work too).

    Jayne Greenberg

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