Posted by: ajsssummer | July 12, 2011

A beautiful Springfield Weekend

Hey y’alls (new Midwestern talk)!

Everything’s just dandy here in Springfield! We just got back from a 3-day camping trip. Before we went camping on Friday, in the morning we split up into two groups. Some of us cooked Shabbat dinner while the rest of us worked at St. John’s Breadline serving lunch for a second time. It was beautiful. Then we drove to Florida, Missouri to Mark Twain Lake State Park. We pitched tents and spent a beautiful Shabbat together in nature. We ate chicken for dinner on Friday night which was especially beautiful. We did some Jewish learning with RIT, (Rabbi-in-training) Ze’ev, trust-building activities, and a song session around the campfire on Saturday night. On Sunday morning we woke up early and took a dip in the lake. It was so refreshing and ­beautiful. Then we drove to Mark Twain Caves where Tom Sawyer is based off of! It was so cold in there- 52 degrees! The guide told us the story of Tom Sawyer in the caves which was simply beautiful. He also told us the red writing on the walls wasn’t blood, rather “yokeberry juice”…we didn’t buy it for a second! When we were done at the caves, we came home to good ole Springfield, Illinois (Fun fact: there’s a Springfield in every state except Hawaii – who knew!) When we got back to Temple Israel, we had a BBQ dinner – yum! Then we went mini-golfing, even though it was thousands of degrees outside, it was a blast..and the ice cream was delish! This morning our group split up. Half of our group returned to UCP’s day camp, where we went to a dog show and then out for milkshakes. The other half went to do some work for United Way and then volunteered at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Springfield has been out on alert for insane heat and boy oh boy do we feel the heat! But we are drinking tons of water and wearing sunscreen! Monday Nights have become laundry nights as well as committee assignment meetings. So here we are; Jordana, Arielle, Sasha, and Greg, the new SFT (Super Fun Time) committee posting the next blog! We love and miss you y’all and are having too much fun!


Until next time,


Arielle, Greg, Jordana, and Sasha


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