Posted by: ajsssummer | July 8, 2011

Week 2 update from Louisville

Hey friends and family,

It’s currently Friday afternoon and we are getting ready to embark on a camping expedition.  This week went by really quickly due to the holiday weekend  and our visit from the AJSS, Springfield group.   The fourth of July was great here in Louisville. We went to the waterfront, where almost all of the residents go to enjoy a fantastic fireworks display. It was our first free night and we are looking forward to the next.

On Wednesday we worked with a team of about 50 members of a Nazarene church youth group.  They assisted us in repairing the neighborhood of Smoketown.  Our tasks included weeding, mulching and interacting with the local children. One of the most important parts of this experience was teaching the Nazarenes about Judaism and hearing from them about Christianity.

Thursday was Adam’s birthday. We started the day by finishing the projects we began Wednesday. It was satisfying to see the final product of our work. We celebrated the birthday with a luau party because Adam plays the ukelele. Everyone enjoyed the party and the piñata, which you can see when the pictures go up.

We have had a great week on AJSS and have bonded even more. Have a great Shabbat as we will, surrounded by nature.

Until next time,
Jay, Shoshi, and the rest of AJSS LOUISVILLE 2011


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