Posted by: ajsssummer | July 5, 2011

Week in review in Louisville

Oh boy, what a week it’s been! From working with Youth-Build to meeting our other family in Springfield, to hiking up a mountain and visiting the famous Louisville Slugger museum, it’s been very fun filled. Like all families, there has been drama, nothing a little family meeting can’t fix. Even though it’s been three days with the Springfield clan, it feels like we’re family. Working at and with Youth-Build has been tough, but like all hard work, it pays off both physically and spiritually.

Some highlights of the week have been; the Sluggers museum, meeting our fellow AJSS’ers, working with our angelic friends at Youth-Build, and visited Muhammed Ali’s original boxing ring, which is located in the heart of Smoketown, the place where we have most been servicing. Our first Shabbat as a united family was fun, nay… great! We were privileged to sleep in until 10:00 and we also had the pleasure of learning this week’s Parsha and had the chance to dig deep into the meaning of Torah. We also had a lot of down time to partake in activities such as basketball, parkour, dancing, sleeping, reading, and of course bonding <3 <3 <3. Other activities consisted of taking pictures and making memories, getting acquainted with our new brothers and sisters, and closing the night with the premier of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Until next time fellow blog readers, stay classy parents. BYE! <3

LOL (lots of love)

with hearts and kisses,

-Benji and Lenny



  1. Nice job Leonard! Sounds great!

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