Posted by: ajsssummer | July 1, 2011

Week 1 in Louisville

Hello everyone,

This week started AJSS LOUISVILLE 2011 (YAYYY).  This blog post will be courtesy of the girls on the community committee, Shoshi and Natasha. Although it has only been three days, we already feel like family.

The first day stared with do-it-yourself pizzas and a tasty salad courtesy of the salad committee. As each of us started eating our pizzas, it became known that that was the first meal in which we did our own work. The salad was INCREDIBLE and it actually has lasted three days. The girls are commonly found sitting around the lunch bench munching on salad with ranch dressing.

Onto the work. We head to Youthbuild were we will be working for the next two weeks. We learned about the founding of the organization and the unique opportunities it has provided for people. On the first day, we divided into three groups- painters, gardeners and the brick breakers. The brick breakers went to a demolition site in which we moved many bricks and got to use the heavy duty equipment like the sledgehammer and the shovels. Gardeners weeded and painters painted a play house for a disabled girl. Adam has been spending the past two days finishing the construction on this play house as well.

We stared going to the “J” aka the JCC which is where we shower and swim. It is your basic JCC which is much appreciated.  We also have incredible staff. Doug gets lost wherever he goes, Mara is in charge of this incredible committee, Nate is in charge of food and Jess is Jess.

Tuesday night we went laser tagging, courtesy of the community committee decision. We all had a blast as it was our first night out on the town.

Throughout the days we have been learning about the people Youthbuild serves and hearing their inspirational stories. Some of them have survived jail and others have left gangs.  We also have been hearing the stories of native Louisvillians. They are really accepting and we love the community we have been included into.

Look for a postcard in the mail over the next few days!



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