Posted by: ajsssummer | June 10, 2011

Getting Psyched for the Summer

Here how one participant is getting prepped for an AJSS Summer of Service, while his brother shares some memories from his own AJSS summer!

Now that I’m getting to the last few days of this school year, I can’t help but get psyched for the summer to finally arrive. I’m a little bit at sea (since for the past 7 years I’ve been looking forward to going to sleep-away camp), but nonetheless I can feel myself craving summer more than ever. After hearing so much amazing stuff about AJSS from my brother, and now that everything has fallen into place, I can tell that the trip is going to be an awesome experience. I feel myself being drawn towards the notorious Louisville culture, and I can’t wait to finally be immersed in it. Plus, I’m in the mood for getting my hands dirty (something I’m sure there’ll be plenty of). BRING IT ON KENTUCKY!!
~ Adam Mirkine, Louisville KY ‘11

“Adam, now it’s your turn”. My AJSS summer was three years ago, but in a way feels like yesterday – it was great work and people, and an  incrediblely rewarding time. I’m so glad that Adam is going this summer …yet another bond for us as brothers (and not to mention, Jess).
Have a great trip – can’t wait to read your group’s blog.
~ Matt Mirkine, San Juan TX  ‘08

‘Time to think about this summer getting underway! As Adam will be leaving in less than 3 weeks for Louisville, AJSS vibes are filling our home. We had our Parent Orientation call, and with the warm weather, finals, and Matt home from college for the summer, AJSS is just around the corner. A trip to Home Depot couldn’t be complete without buying Adam’s requisite work gloves – the packing pile is now started! It is heartwarming to be having family dinners again, and hear Matt (‘08 Alum) tell Adam what an awesome summer is ahead of him..
~ Ilene Mirkine, Parent of Volunteer & Alum


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