Posted by: ajsssummer | July 28, 2010

The work we do in Kansas City

These past two weeks we’ve started a variety of new projects. We finished up the lawn of the Hasbrook house and now it’s ready for its
family to move in. We began building a new home on 18th St and in two days we drilled screws and nails and put up all 4 outdoor walls around our newly put together floor.

At Village Shalom, a local Jewish nursing home, we visit residents, sing to them, give manicures, and help them with projects. Also we
work with underprivileged toddlers and children at Operation Breakthrough. We go on fieldtrips and educational sessions (like Eco
Elvis) with them, read to them, and learn about their lives.  In addition we give back to our synangogue Ohev Sholom where we
painted one of the offices and did necessary paperwork. Lastly, the JCC where we shower needed a few hands so we prepare food for their
campers and help pack and clean the kitchen. We also volunteer with their mitzvah camp of middle school students and weeded a garden in a transition housing community.

A group of us also went to the Humane Society, folding newspapers and unwrapping needles for the veterinarians before visiting dogs and
cats. We’re featured in a local newspaper: We are also featured in the Jewish newsletter: We had an efficient two weeks and are excited for the last leg of service we will do in KC.

by Molly, Steph, Zoe, David, Tara


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