Posted by: ajsssummer | July 9, 2010

Taking Little Rock by storm

AJSS has taken Little Rock by storm, and our group has experienced so much during our first week!  The kids have learned all new skills on the worksites, from power drilling to hammering to carrying large mattresses and wood paneling.  Habitat has truly appreciated our help this week, yet we know we have a lot more work to do on the deconstruction site and painting in the weeks to come.

We spent Friday night in the synagogue where we are staying, Agudith Achim.  We invited all of the community members in Little Rock who have helped us plan our stay here, from the Rabbi to the shul administrator to the women of the community who have planned an amazing event and tour of Central High School, which we will visit on Tuesday.  It was wonderful to hear all of the compliments that were given to this AJSS group, your kids and friends, from the community members.  They were amazed at the kids’ knowledge of Hebrew and the prayers, at their commitment to service and Tikun Olam, and to their friendliness when interacting with our guests at Shabbat dinner.  Each volunteer has their own great stories to share from the worksite with Habitat, from volunteering serving lunch with the Salvation Army, and from spending Shabbat in this community.  Be sure to ask your kids on Tuesday about their visit to Central High School, the first integrated high school in America, about their trip to the Clinton Library and archives, and about our visit to Hot Springs and kayaking and swimming there.    I am excited to see how much we will accomplish in the coming weeks, both on the worksite and off!

Samantha Lakin


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