Posted by: ajsssummer | July 5, 2010

Little Rock week in review

The first week of AJSS has been really interesting. We met the local leader of Habitat for Humanity, who will be helping us repair houses for the whole time we are down here in Little Rock. Over the course of the six weeks, our group will be doing a long-term deconstruction project. We will be taking down a warehouse that was built before World War II, and then giving some of the wood back to Habitat for Humanity so they can use it to built new houses. Earlier this week, we went to the local restore run by Habitat for Humanity and built shelves, helped unload trucks, and helped to move different appliances across the store.

One of the cooler things we did this week was paint a house. We all worked together on this project, and we were able to finish the house in a reasonable time. When we were done painting the house, we met the owners of the house. They were a very nice and humble couple. Joseph, the owner of the house, showed us his garden, which consisted of peppers, onions, tomatoes, okra, peas, and greens. Joseph felt very touched to have 17 teenagers paint his house, and decided to give us some of his vegetables.

Getting to know some of the Little Rock locals and their culture has been an extraordinary experience, and we all look forward to five more weeks of service.

Ilan Layman


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